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  1. Alternative Medicines College Of Mumbai is The Holy Angels College Of Alternative Medicines Established under the charter of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines/the Open International University For Alternative Medicines is the largest open international educational academies and a premier institution inthe field of alternative / complementry medicines and helth promotion in India. situated at Borivali West NEW LINK ROAD , BORIVALI WEST MUMBAI.

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    The term alternative medicine means any form of medicine that is outsidethe mainstream of western medicine as practiced by the majority of doctors today.Alternative Medicines exists in all cultures to some degree and terms.such as traditional medicine,indigenous medicine or folk medicine ect.are used to describe such practices.These medicines date back to hundreds or even thousands of years depending on the country and culture concerned. The recent past has witnessed a renewed interest in traditional and alternative systems of medicine.a few decades ago, it was generally assumed by the scientific community that acupuncture needles,magnets,medicinal plants etc.could be safely relegated to no more than a footnote of medical history.But this assumtion has,indeed,turned out to be very premature.during the past two decades,the upsurge of herbology, acupunture,yoga,manipulative medicines very country has been phenomenal.the efficacy and popularity of alternative medicines has been endorsed by not less than the WHO,British Medical Association,UNICEF etc.The Federal Govt.of the USA has even established the office of Alternative Medicines,and it has been surveyed that about half the world's population resides in countries which have ministries or departments of government responsible for traditional medicines.In many countries, 80% or more of the population living in rural areas are cared for by traditional practitioners. Alternative medicines can play a vital role in national health programs.and by taking advantage of the best alternative therapies and combining them with the finest in technological medicine,people would be able to enjoy a stantard of health care they have never yet seen and at a much lower cost.

    Under the guidance of its Founder President Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, the Board aims to advance the study of and research into various alternative therapies and provide a high standard of training and education in the different disciplines of alternative / complementary medicines.The Executive Board of the Open International University for Alternative Medicines believes firmly that the citizens of the world want and deserve the opportunity to receive the highest quality of health care, with the broadest range of care options. In keeping with this set of beliefs, The Open International University for Alternative Medicines is organized to educate and develop health care professionals, including those already in health care practice, to serve the public with love, care and compassion. The learning community of the University seeks to cultivate a renewed sense of purpose and leadership within each individual and to promote and enduring search for knowledge, influence and excellence in human and medical service.

    Those who graduate are required to demonstrate a broad understanding and competency in health care and maintain a commitment to intellectual development, health and medical practice, and scholarship in complementary, alternative and traditional medicine.

    The Open International University for Alternative Medicines chartered by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, is the largest open international academy and a leading institution of natural and complementary medicines and health promotion in India and abroad. Established in 1991 by Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, the Board has many flourishing affiliated colleges and study centers offering a wide variety of study programs leading to the award of diploma, degree and post-graduate degree certificates. The Board is legally established and duly registered under West Bengal Act No. 26 of 1961 which is based on the Govt. of India Act No. 21 of 1860 and the Scientific & Literary Institutions Act., 1854. The Board is conducting regular and correspondence courses in various systems of alternative medicines such as Acupressure, Acupuncture, Electro-Homeopathy, Bio-chime, Herbal Medicines, Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Magneto Therapy, Indo-Allopathy and various other ancient, traditional and indigenous systems of medicines and health practices through its various centers. It has more than 6000 students on its roll and 40000 member practitioners.The Board has an impressive committee of Patrons and Advisors which include Union Ministers, Governors,State Ministers and academics of international repute such as the Chancellor of the United Nations University for Peace and the Rector of the United Nations University. The Board is also engaged in various philanthropic activities such as rendering of assistance to victims of natural calamities, operating charitable and mobile clinics and providing scholarships to needy students etc. The Board has established The Open International University for Alternative Medicines with a view to providing high standards of academic programs in natural health sciences. His Holiness Lama Gangchen, Founder of World Peace Foundation, Italy/Spain, an affiliate of the United Nations has been appointed as the Hony. Chancellor Emeritus of the University who graciously made a formal acceptance of his appointment in the presence of Sri Bipin Koirala, Hon. Health Minister of Nepal and other dignitaries. The University has got the official membership of the World Associations of Universities & Colleges, which is a global accreditation association. The Board maintains a vast network of contacts with more than 50 international institutions from all over the globe including organizations which are directly affiliated to the UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNCED, WHO etc. and has won the respect and esteem of national and international communities. It regularly organizes national and international congresses and encourages practitioners of holistic healing by awarding them various accolades in recognition of their unique services to society. The 10th International Conference will be organized on 1st and 2nd December 2002 at Calcutta. A large number of delegates from all over the world are expected to participate in this event. The Board has been fortunate enough in receiving the well wishes and moral support from a host of International luminaries such as Late Mother Teresa, H. H. The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth, Dr. K. R. Narayanan (President of India),Rev. Desmond Tutu, Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali (the then Secretary General of United Nations), Dr. Kofi Annan (Secretary General of United Nations), Smt.Sonia Gandhi and many others. Previous conferences were attended by delegates from more than 50 countries worldwide and were also graced by a host of dignitaries such as Mother Teresa, Governors, Union Ministers, State Ministers, and diplomats...

    With students from all over the world and every region of India on its rolls, the Board has acquired a truly international character and profile. It offers a wide range of diploma, bachelor and post graduate courses in a number of alternative therapies such as Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Biochemic Medicines, Bach Flower Remedies, Electro Homoeopathy,Magnet therapy, Naturopathy, Reiki, Yoga etc.

    The campus of the Board is situated on a picturesque plot of land on the outskirts of Calcutta and is in the process of being developed into a model institution for education, research and training in alternative / complementary and natural medicines. The curriculum of the Board is as per standard and based on the syllabus prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Government of India and various other national and international universities. Its faculty consists of qualified, experienced and dedicated doctors and teachers committed to imparting the best possible education to the students.

    Its innovative distance learning programmes teaches a student the principles and skills required to become well rounded medical practitioners and its certificates are widely accepted worldwide.

    The Board's annual convocation is a much anticipated event with students from overseas and nationwide coming together to receive their certificates and participate in the Board's yearly international conferences of which the convocation is an integral part. Outstanding students are also awarded medals and trophies at a glittering awards presentation ceremony, another unique feature of the Board's conferences.

    ACCREDITATION The United Nations University For Peace Constituted by the U.N.. General Assembly vide Resolution no. 35/55/5/xii/80 and duly recognised by the Government of India on 3rd December, 1981 as signatory to the International Agreement for the Establishment of the University for Peace and Charter of the University for Peace, U. N.

    International Association of Educators For World Peace (affiliated with U.N. – ECOSOC, UNICEF & UNESCO) International Union for Health Promotion & Educuation (affiliated to WHO) The International Council for Health Freedom, USA Intercultural Open University, Netherlands The Open International University for Complementary Medicines (Medicina Alternativa), Colombo, Sri Lanka Centre for Frontier Sciences , Temple University , USA East West University of Holistic Health Sciences, USA World Federation of Holistic Life & Medicine, Italy International Research Institute for Natural Medicines, Japan Sohaku-in-Foundation for Oriental Medicine, Brazil International Institution of Traditional Medicines, Malaysia Indiana Institute for Complementary Medicines, Indianapolis, USA Vedic University of America, USA Brazilian Academy of Oriental Science Reflexology Academy of Southern Africa, South Africa Therapeutica Holistica, Mexico Integrity Research Foundation, New Zealand Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness and Light Institute of Galisteo , USA International Institute for Preventive Medicine, Netherland Antilles The Australasian College of Herbal Studies World Association of Integrated Medicines, Netherlands Indian Committee of NGOs for United Nations Anderland Forum for Encounter & Communication, Germany A.S.A.M. University, Rome, Italy Canadian Medical Acupuncture Society, Edmonton, Canada Japanese society of Integrative Medicines, Tokyo, Japan Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary & Traditional Medicine, Tokyo, Japan Subtle Energy Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan Institute for Holistic Health Care & ,Medicine, Tokyo, Japan The Spiritual Centre of Siam, Thailand Academy of Holistic Health Care Professionals, Japan The National Foundation for Alternative medicines, U.S.A. Australian College of Chi-Reflexology, New South Wales, Australia Bangladesh Unani Ayurvedic Pharmacist Association, Dhaka, Bangladesh Agita Munda Network International Yoga Federation New World Educational Federation Australian Integrative Medicine Association…

    AIDS Research Centre, Bangladesh Ayurveda & Acupuncture Centre, Canada Alternative Medicines Research Institute, Canada All Nepal Electro Homoeo Medical Association, Nepal Association of Reflexologists, U.K. Bangladesh Unani Ayurvedic Pharmacist Association, Bangladesh Beat Al-Ashar Trading Est. Centre for Advanced Astrological Studies & Research, Bangladesh China Enterprise Education Services, Hong Kong Chongshin Academy Foundation, South Korea Comision de Educacion a Distancia, Spain Centro Africano de Investigation, Spain Cosmo Cycles Research Centre, Nigeria Columbus Clinic Foundation, U.S.A. Chelsea Centre for Counseling & Psychological Research, Sri Lanka DXN Institute, Malaysia Eclosion Holding SDN BHD, Malaysia Forum of Indian NGOs for Co-operation with the UN, India Face Rejuvenation/Ayurvedic Facelift, U. K. Health & HealingCentre, Switzerland Herbal Healers Academy, U.S.A. Humburg School Astrology, Germany Instituto de Medicina Tradicional, Portugal International Academy of Natural Sciences & Natural Balances, Europe International Association of Colours, U.K. Institute of Healing Studies, U.S.A. Indonesian Holistic Health Foundation, Indonesia Luminar International Institute of Oriental Medicines, Nigeria Mangrove College for Radionics, U.S.A. Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association New Earth College, Canada National College of Alternative Medicines, Nigeria National Research Institute For Self Understanding, Canada Rainbow Pathway Crystal Centre, U.K. Stonebridge Associated Colleges, U.K. Sersi University Sunray Healing Heaven, U.S.A. The Centre of International Holistic Studies, Canada The Northern Institute of Massage, U. K. The Israeli College of Natural Health Science Traditional Healers' Organisation, Swaziland Traditional Therapies Counselling & Education Institute, Dracut, MA The Centre for Universal Holistic Studies, U.S.A. Vwayne Seegers and Company, South Africa Yapp Acupuncture & Therapeutic Centre, Malaysia

    Preparing holistic practitioners is a serious responsibility and the Board maintains a culture that embodies its philosophy of a humane and holistic medical education.

    To promote, propagate and advance the science of alternative systems of medicines such as Electro Homoeopathy, BachFlowerRemedies, Psychological Counselling, Naturopathy, Hydrotherapy, Chromotherapy, Teletherapy, Gem Therapy, Astro-Therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Herbal Medicines, Hypnosis, Radiesthesia, Radionics, Refelxology, Shiatsu, Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage, Bioenergetics, Homoeopuncture, Reiki, Magnetotherapy, UrineTherapy, Aromatherapy etc. & to raise the status of alternative systems of medicines. To advance the scientific study and professional practice of alternative medicines and to enhance the contribution of alternative medicines by encouraging its development by promoting research and setting high standards of professional ethics, competence, conduct, education, qualification and achievement amongst practitioners promoting the dissemination of knowledge and thought about alternative medicines through training, educational courses, refresher courses, meetings, lectures, seminars, workshops, reports, papers, discussions, excursions, debates, exhibitions, camps, publications, professional contacts etc. with wide interest and inquiry into alternative medicines and all related areas of knowledge and practice. To maintain the honour and dignity and to uphold and safeguard the interests of alternative systems of medicine and other allied subjects. To certify, permit, supervise and maintain a register of practitioners possessing degrees, diplomas or certificates etc. of the Board or from any college or institution of alternative medicines either affiliated to the Board, or any authentic institute, and practitioners who have experience in any branch of alternative systems of medicine by award of a Registration Certificate to them. Such a practitioner shall be known as a Registered Medical Practitioner (R.M.P.). To give the rights of practicing to Registered Medical Practitioners enrolled by the Board as qualified physicians, without any restriction, and entitling them to issue medical certificates such as sickness, fitness etc. or any other certificate required by any law. To establish the Faculty to control the examinations of teaching and educational institutions or colleges etc. and to award degrees (including PhD, M.D., Master, Bachelor etc.) diplomas, certificates etc. thereof. To determine a uniform code of conduct for practitioners registered by the Board. To improve public health in accordance with the principles of alternative systems of medicine. To undertake publications relating to alternative medicines. To establish, organise, finance and maintain dispensaries, hospitals, research institutes etc. of alternative systems of medicine. To engage, assist or undertake various social service activities such as sanitation, public health, establishment of libraries, social welfare activities, family welfare, relief to the affected in times of flood, famine, pestilence and other calamities caused by nature and man. To help the nation to arrive at the goal that by the 20th century health will be for all. To certify, establish, organise, finance and maintain manufacturing laboratories of medicines working on the basis of the pharmacopoeias of alternative medicines keeping in view their efficacies and recommend only such manufacturers to the government for obtaining necessary permits, licenses or quotas etc. of manufacturing essentials. To do such other lawful things which are conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

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